Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any of the questions below to find out more information about the information displayed on our website and how to use it. There is also information about how best to interact with customers who you contact through the website, to get the best from our service.

● Using The Find A Local Lead Website

How does Find a Local Lead work?

Get job leads: We send you job leads based on your postcode, work area, trade and skills. You can view these leads on our website, or through email alerts.

Buy job leads: Each job lead includes the customer’s job description, estimated budget and postcode as well as the price to buy the full customer contact details. Browse the leads and buy those most likely to convert into work.

Get in touch with the customer: Once you’ve bought the job lead, you’ll be able to contact and communicate directly. We will give you the customer’s mobile number and email address so you can contact them directly to find out more about the job and quote.

Ask for a review: After the work is complete, ask your customer to post a review based on quality, reliability and value for money. Reviews act as word of mouth online and will help to build your reputation which, in turn, helps you win more work.

What are job leads?

The job leads are enquiries from domestic and commercial customers. Each lead is sorted by postcode and job type.

What does the blue “lead age” label on a job lead tell me?

When you’re looking at your leads list, you will see that each lead has a blue marker saying “1 day ago” or similar. This tells you how long ago the lead was posted and that the customer is still looking for more quotes.

What information do I need to register with Find A Local Lead?

Businesses and individuals can register with Find A Local Lead, you just need to supply us with the following information:

● Your Full Name
● Your postcode
● Your Email Address (business or personal is fine)
● Your phone number
● The distance you are willing to travel for work
● We’ll ask you to create a simple username which may be related to your own name or your business name
● A password. Please make this something that you can remember but which is not so simple that it can be easily guessed.

Once you have registered with us, you can then go to the MyAccount section of the website and enter your billing address for lead purchases made, or you can do this when you purchase your first lead. Any of your account information can be easily and quickly updated at any time by visiting the MyAccount page.

How do you screen or monitor people who sign up to Find A Local Lead?

Anyone can choose to sign up to Find A Local Lead to purchase leads. Customers who post leads on the leads board are able to provide feedback about their experience with the tradesperson who eventually gets the work and does the job for them. We will use this to monitor the reliability and performance of our tradespeople.

We aim to supply the very best service to any customer who posts a lead and any tradesperson who buys a lead. In order to do this we need to be working with reliable tradespeople who do the very best job they can. Building up a great reputation is important for any tradesperson as good feedback can be a great selling point when trying to win a job following the purchase of a lead.

How do I buy a job lead?

To buy a job lead, simply click the ‘Contact ’ button on the lead.

The lead price including VAT will be charged to the debit or credit card used to purchase the lead via our secure payment partners at Stripe or through GPay (Google Pay) if you have payment details saved on your Google account. You will then receive the full customer contact details for the lead.

What happens after I buy a job lead?

When you buy a job lead, we will give you the customer’s mobile number and email address so you may contact them directly to find out more about the job and quote.

A lead may be bought by up to three tradespeople, so contact the customer as soon as possible to introduce yourself and increase your chances of winning the work.

Do customers know that I paid for their job lead?

Yes. When customers post a job, we notify them that our tradespeople pay to quote on their work. We also send them reminder notifications and request that they notify us to remove their job if they no longer require a quote.

How do you maintain the quality of job leads?

It is not possible to guarantee that all customers who post jobs on Find a Local Lead have a high level of intent to carry out the work and are not just doing so out of curiosity. To counter this, we are constantly updating our forms to help give you as much information about each job as possible.

Why should I pay for a lead if I don’t win the job?

Find A Local Lead is an introductory service aiming to put tradespeople in contact with potential customers. Unfortunately, we are unable to control how customers behave after posting a lead on the lead board or whether they will accept your calls or messages, and provide you with a fair opportunity to quote for the work. However, this means that we will charge you a much lower fee than if we operated a purely commission-based service.

Therefore, we would advise you not to rely 100% on a lead for your next job. Our members report a 33% success rate. so they’re winning 1 in every 3 leads purchased and make 25 to 40 times their money back in trade value, sometimes a lot more. So, you should evaluate your lead success rate over a number of job leads and not any individual lead bought.

You should also consider that whenever you make contact with a new customer to discuss your services, you have the opportunity to impress them by doing a fantastic job which may very well may turn into future work. Even if the lead purchased does not result in any work for that particular customer, the way you deal with them when you contact them may well result in them keeping hold of your contact details which may, again, result in work at a later time, or in your details being passed to the customer’s friends and family.

I’ve been relying on recommendations up to now, why should I use Find a Local Lead?

We offer a superior service to simple word of mouth recommendations or online directories for the following reasons:

You’re not waiting for phone calls: Our site has a continuous supply of job leads to choose from all year round matching your particular skills and location.

Fill spaces in your work schedule: During periods when you’re a little quiet, use Find a Local Lead to win new work and broaden your customer base.

Find job leads on the go: Use our mobile friendly website and to purchase and manage leads when you’re out on other jobs.

● Dealing With The Customer Once A Lead Has Been Purchased

How do I contact the customer? 

Text/WhatsApp – You can message the customer who posted the job. It’s an easy and familiar way to get in touch with homeowners.

Phone – If they don’t pick up then always leave a quick voicemail, or send a text message, to introduce yourself.

Email – You’ll receive their email address too, if you’d prefer to get in touch using that.

How soon after buying a lead should I contact the customer?

We recommend you contact the customer as soon as you’ve purchased the lead and introduce yourself. It is helpful to prepare a short friendly introduction to send by text message or WhatsApp, with a link to your website/Facebook page to build credibility and increase your chances of winning the work.

What if I can’t contact the customer?

If a customer isn’t returning your calls, replying to emails, or responding to chat messages, you should send us a message to and we will verify the customer on your behalf, asking them to contact you directly.

Bear in mind that while we take every effort to ensure that leads posted to the site are genuine, we can’t guarantee a potential customer’s behaviour after posting a job.

I’ve tried contacting the customer, but the contact details are invalid. What do I do?

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our job leads, and that customer contact details provided are valid, but there are very rare occasions when issues are encountered. If the contact details provided result in an email failure, a dead phone line or belong to someone that didn’t post the lead, please let us know by emailing us at and we’ll investigate.

What if the customer doesn’t let me quote?

It is possible to request a refund should a customer not allow you to provide a quote, perhaps due to a change of mind or financial circumstances, but that would depend on the particular circumstances of the lead purchase and the discretion of the Find A Local Lead team.

● About The Costs Of Find A Local Lead

How much does Find a Local Lead cost?

There are 3 categories of lead: Gardening, Landscaping and Tree surgery. Our pricing structure is very simple, and is as follows:

● Gardening Leads – £9 inc. VAT
● Landscaping Leads – £12 inc. VAT
● Tree Surgery Leads – £18 inc. VAT

How do you justify the cost of Find a Local Lead?

Once you’ve signed up to Find A Local Lead, you pay for each job lead you would like to quote on. Lead prices are determined by the type of job and the particular skills needed to carry it out.

On average, our tradespeople win 1 in every 3 job leads purchased. Quotes can vary enormously depending upon the scope of the work required. When you are succesful in landing a job, you are highly likely to get a repeat customer, which means that for a low introductory fee it is possible for you to secure further work in the future. Jobs can often lead to more work if the customer is happy and they may well recommend your services to friends and family.

Why is there a variation in lead prices?

The price of a lead is determined by the size, scope and level of skills needed to do that job.

● Managing Your Account

What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your account password or need to update it, you may change your password here.

How do I update my password or change my contact details?

You can update your password or contact details by logging in to your account and visiting ‘My Account > Account Details’ and entering your new contact details, old and new password where indicated, and then clicking on ‘Save Changes‘.

How do I cancel my account?

Before you decide to cancel, please note that cancelling your account means that your profile and all your lead purchase information will no longer be available to you, and you won’t have access to job leads. If you would like us to remove your account please send an email requesting account removal to

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